I Got Tested for COVID This Morning

Well, I got tested for the ‘vid today.

And no, it wasn’t one of the cheek swabs. Oh no. I got the one where they tickle your brain.

I went to bed with a bit of a soar throat and a mild cough. I was fairly confident though it wasn’t COVID-19. We are very careful in my house, we mask up, distance, wash up, everything everyone is supposed to be doing. Any other year of my life I would chalk up my symptoms to a bit of allergies, take some meds and not think twice…but this is 2020, y’all. You just never know!

So, I hopped on my phone last night and made an appointment for at an urgent care center near my house who offered up rapid testing. It really was seamless! I registered online. I checked in via text. Answered a few questions from the lady who called me from inside the office (I was waving to her through the windows while we were talking, but she didn’t wave back. She must not have seen me). I pulled up into the testing spot, the nurse came out and shoved a long q-tip into my anterior skull socket. Waited 20 mins for the results, and boom, I was on my way.


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Felt a tickle in my throat and had a little cough last night. Got tested this morning. All is well. #MaskUp

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Thankfully, it came back negative for the virus. The doc agreed it was most likely some allergies and after a quick listen to my heart and lungs, sent me on my way.

Hey, if nothing else, I at least contributed to lowering the positivity rate here in Will County. You are welcome, fellow citizens!