So earlier today I was reading how the Rolling Stones took their No Filter Tour to Ontario over the weekend, and it appears that Mick Jagger did a little research ahead of the gig.

So on Saturday,  Mr. Jagger gave a shout-out to the world champion Toronto Raptors, mentioned Toronto Mayor John Tory and  wished the crowd a “Happy Canada Day” (which is actually today).  He also introduced drummer Charlie Watts as the new mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I think that shows true professionalism and it made me want to be part of such a cool tour…I mean if you could choose to go on tour with one band … do you choose the band based on your love of their music, or do you choose the band based on who they are as people.  ( I mean there would be some pretty fun bands to party with whose music I don’t actually love … I’m talking to you Motley Crue).   Some of my favorite bands are probably pretty dull on the road but their music is awesome.  Hmmm … who would I go with.  I wouldn’t want to go on tour with some mega solo artist … definitely a band.   Obviously Queen in it’s heyday would be amazing.  Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s and 80’s would never be dull … but definitely awkward at times.

I think I have to look at the artists who I have seen in documentaries who don’t take themselves too seriously.  (so obviously not Oasis no matter how much I love their music.)  So people I love and whose music I love too … I know I choose this band for a lot of Music Challenge questions … but come on .. what about touring with this band in the eighties … just when they were making it big … (the Red Rocks show alone would be spectacular) … So yes … the below band is who I would like to go on tour with.