If You Owned Bob Dylan…

Hi, this is Leslie Harris and you may have heard that earlier this week, Bob Dylan’s catalog of his music was sold for $300 million. Side note: don’t you think that sounds low? I mean, for Bob Dylan’s music? But I digress. (I just hope Bob doesn’t come to regret that decision)

I fully expect to start hearing Bob Dylan’s songs in commercials, much like that song that goes,  “Oh oh oh it’s Magic,” which is now being used for some kind of medication.

So what do you think they will do? ‘Like a Rolling Loan’ for financial services? Lay Lady Lay (across my my big brass bed) for a mattress company? I mean, that one seems really obvious. ‘Tangled up in Goo’ for one of those products that gets sticky stuff off of everything? ‘I Want You’ for the Armed Services? The possibilities are endless!

I want to know what ideas you have for products that could use Bob Dylan’s lyrics for advertising period let me know in the comments, and have fun with it!

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