(Behind the scenes video from the artists at NCTV17 in Naperville)

Yesterday (Friday) was opening day for the the spectacular tree lights display at the Champion of Trees…the Morton Arboretum!

Even if things will be experienced a bit differently this year for Illumination – Tree Lights at Morton Arboretum, the magnitude of the displays is as big as ever. There are over 150,000 lighting fixtures over the 11 displays covering about two miles.

Due to the pandemic, it is not the traditional walk-through event as in past years. Instead, you can pack up your car and take the 30-40 minute drive. But don’t worry, the designers have taken the drive-through nature of the event into account when planning on this year’s festivities. According to the AWESOME package from our buddies at NCTV17, the lighting design team knew that you wouldn’t be able to look up and around at all the trees — staring through a car window makes that more difficult — so they designed the show to be viewed more horizontally than vertically.

This looks awesome, and we can’t wait to go! It’s been a family tradition for the last few years!

Be warned that all concessions have been cancelled, so you are permitted to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

The hours have also been extended. They will keep the rig rollin’ until 10:00 or 11:00 through January 11th.

You do need to buy tickets for a specific date and time with prices ranging from $29 to $64 depending on date, time and size of vehicle.