I’m the Biggest Bears Fan, and I have the Potato Chips to Prove It!

Thanks to my cute kid and some luck, I’m the proud owner of the greatest chips in football history!

This promotion from Lays Potato Chips is so funny that I couldn’t help but try to nab a bag. What they did was they acquired dirt from NFL stadiums, including Soldier Field, and grew potatoes in it. Then they made chips from those potatoes. They were – and I quote –  grown in glory!

They put those chips, blessed in the soil that was christened by the sweat of the brow of the heads of Bears greats such as Cade McNown, David Terrell and Cedric Benson, in a blue-and-orange bag.

In order to win a bag, you had to upload a photo showing your fandom. This is what I submitted:

The box reads:


You’ve proven your fandom through thick and thin, and now you’re one of the lucky few to enjoy a true taste of glory. Golden Grounds is a celebration of fans who stick with their teams through all the ups and downs.

In this box is a bag of the greatest chips in football history – made from the finest potatoes, grown in a field mixed with the glorious soil from your favorite NFL team. Enjoy them, save them, or frame the  empty bag and put it on display – what you do with it is up to you! Also, be sure to scan the QR code to see…yadda yadda yadda

On behalf of everyone at Lay’s – congratulations, enjoy and feel free to share your excitement with #LaysGoldenGrounds!

Here’s where the QR code takes you, so you can see exactly how these epic tater chips were GROWN IN GLORY!

Im aware of how over-the-top crazy this entire thing is…which is why I LOVE IT.