So social media was all a buzz today with a variety of opinions about the series finale for Game of Thrones.   Some critics were harder than others but this had me thinking … is it truly possible to create a perfect finale of a show you have watched and loved for years.

I mean there have been some truly awful endings to some really great shows … I think the most legendary one was the much loved sitcom … How I Met Your Mother.  The episode finally introduced Ted  to the mother of his future children and then, in a series of flash-forwards, proceeded to kill her off and have Ted rekindle his relationship with Robin after she divorced Barney.  It was not good.

Seinfeld was a weird one … Lost kept us all still lost and the Sopranos is still one of the most debated endings ever. (Some say awful and weird and others say genius)  But what about the good ones….

One of the funniest (and clever) endings I remember was from the Newhart show … In fact the finale is probably remembered more than the show itself.   After Dick Loudon is hit in the head with a golf ball, the show cuts to Dr. Robert Hartley, Newhart’s character from his previous series, “The Bob Newhart Show,” waking up from a dream in bed with his wife. All eight seasons of “Newhart,” set in a Vermont inn, were Hartley’s dream.  It was a brilliant homage to the previous show of the much loved comedian.

So what do you think … what have been some of the best and some of the worst finales?