Is Your Thumb Considered a Finger?

It’s good to know we’ve got pollsters out there asking the important questions.  Like this:  In your opinion, is your thumb a “finger”?

Someone polled 8,000 Americans, and not everyone agrees.  22% say thumbs are NOT fingers, they’re just thumbs.  So, almost one in four people.

Thumbs are obviously a little different.  They only have two bones instead of three, for example.  So do the non-finger people have a point?

Merriam-Webster’s definition of a “finger” doesn’t even put the question to rest.  They say a finger is, quote, “ANY of the five terminating members of the hand” . . . but “especially one other than the thumb.”

Here are two more random things the poll asked . . .

1.  Are your ears part of your face?  27% say no . . . they’re part of your head, but not your face.

2.  Is your shoulder part of your arm?  21% say no, they’re separate things.

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