It is National Kissing Day!  If you have a significant other…you should get in a few extra smooches today.  If you are single…maybe a pet kiss will work!

There is something magical about a kiss.  I remember my first one, and it still one of the best ones I have ever had.  And if you are a good kisser…well that is a great reputation to have.

I began to think on how the movies have had some amazing kisses.  Or unique ones that we remember for years to come.  What movie kiss sticks out in you mind?  And how should you celebrate this holiday?  Here’s how:

  1.  If you are going to a sporting event, try and get on the Kiss Cam (I was on one once)
  2. Enjoy a Hershey’s Kiss…if you need an excuse to enjoy a piece of chocolate.
  3. Kiss a loved one.

As for movie kisses, click HERE for a list of the greatest movie kisses of all time.  And my favorite….Lady And The Tramp.  C’mon that spaghetti scene…SO CUTE!  Share your favorite kissing scenes below.


~ Tim Thomas