It was this day in 1992 — that’s 30 years ago for those like myself that need a reminder that ’91 wasn’t 10 years ago — that Wayne’s World was released to theaters!

Not only was it a smash hit that shined a national spotlight on Aurora, it also reignited Queen’s status in the United States.

A bit of chronology though…you may remember that Freddie Mercury died in Nov. of 1991, three months before the release of the film.

So…did Freddy Mercury ever actually see, or even KNOW about, the scene in the car that would wind up being one of the most iconic musical moments in movie history?

The answers is YES!

Not only did he know about it, he thought it was hilarious and gave his approval to use it in the film.

The story was told by Brian May on the YouTube series Reunited Apart, hosted by Josh Gad during the pandemic. Brian says he was contacted by Michael Meyers for permission to use the song for that sequence in the movie. Brian then brought it to Freddie, who was in grave, weak condition. May said that not only did Mercury “enjoy the humor and the tribute, he also knoew it was a kind of rebirth for the band in America.”

The band would release an album a short timer later, and they credit Wayne’s World for being a major part of that album’s success!

You can watch Brian May’s and Roger Taylor’s explanation in the video above.

Go watch some WW tonight to celebrate!