River listener John Matthies always comes up with such great answers for our Music Challenge.  His musical knowledge is pretty stellar and whenever he answers a question he always gives a juicy bit of fun facts to go along with it … I really look forward to his posts.   So I knew John would come up with a good question for the Music Challenge and one that is close to my heart.

Initially I was going to wind John up and choose a Duran Duran song as I am sure he meant the British Invasion of the eighties right?   But of course I knew which invasion he was talking about … the original music invasion of the sixties.   The one started with four mop-tops from Liverpool that opened the flood gates for all sorts of amazing bands and super fun songs.

As someone who wasn’t born for the actual invasion … I have to choose a song that I heard in my teens and was instantly in love with.   I just love Gerry’s voice in this track and I find the song itself really soothing.  I hope John Matthies like my choice and make sure you go over to Facebook so you can participate in the John Matthies Music Challenge.