Join Nick at the Slammers Game to Benefit the JDRF


Enter the Promo code “Dan” then click submit. Then click on “reserved seats.” You’ll see the option to purchase the fundraiser ticket at the bottom! If you’d like, you can choose to sit in Secion 112, where most of us will be hanging out…click on “Best Available” to choose your preferred section!

This isn’t a radio station event. It’s more personal than that. It’s about my dad.

A little over a year ago, June 1st, 2021 to be exact, I lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly. Without going into a ton of detail, he was a Type 1 diabetic who had dominated the disease since he was 14 years old. The fact he had T1D was a non-issue for my entire life outside of the times he would need a quick candy bar to boost his sugar, or a shot to take it down. It was never a big deal.

Then on June 1st I got a call from the hospital that he had been brought there unresponsive and he didn’t make it. He had a heart attack while installing a door at Argonne National Laboratory where he was a carpenter. The doctors say that years of battling T1D, no matter how well managed, takes a toll on the body. He was 64.

As my family and I were wondering how to manage, I came up with the idea to host fund raiser at one of his favorite places to spend time: the ball park.

Coming up on August 12th is the second annual Dan Jakusz Night with the Joliet Slammers as we raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Purchase your $10 reserved seat ticket using promo “Dan” and $5 will be donated to the JDRF by way of the Slammers.

I can’t thank the ball club enough for setting this up!

Oh, by the way, if you go, wear RED to show your support.

I hope to see you out at the old ball game. My dad would have loved it.