Joliet Now Has Its Own Winery…and It’s in a Castle!

I’m sure if you look back through the history of Joliet, you’d find it had a winery or two over the years. However, to my knowledge, it’s been a long time! That changed today with the opening of Bishops Hill Winery on the near east west side of town.

But even cooler than the wine, which I’m sure is great, is the address.

310 Bridge Street.

The old Sehring Castle!

Look at this place!

And it’s dripping with Joliet beverage history!

This “castle” was built by one of Joliet’s early brewery operators, Frederick Sehring, in 1892. The home was built adjacent to his brewery operation, and the underground storage areas and tunnels used to keep beer cold are IN TACT and have been restored by the new winery folks. How cool is that!

Bishops Hill Winery is now open for tastings…just in time for Joliet Restaurant Week!

Bring your camera.