Junk Food You Can Eat And Feel Good About!

So how’s your eating habits? Have they changed much in the past two years because of the pandemic? Have you found yourself eating more junk food or snacking more? I’m not a huge junk food connoisseur, but we all slip up at least once in a while, right! I don’t do McDonald’s or Burger King, but Chipotle and Portillo’s do ring in once in a while. Not a big chips guy, but a chocolate chip cookie or a Triscuit w/ some cheese is a welcome nosh. Turns out some of the things you might think are not very good for you are actually not that bad. So here’s list of 25 Junk Foods That Are Actually Not So Bad. I think you may be surprised at some of them. Bon Appetite.

Here’s Your 25 Junk Foods That Aren’t So Bad For You.