Just In Time For Christmas, A Sex Robot Who Wants To Be Your Friend.

I have run across many unusual things in my career, but recently there have been I guess you would call them ads on Facebook for a media page called Elevator. It’s free and obviously aimed at men because the first thing you see when clicking on it is a very attractive model in some stage of undress. Not nude but leaving just enough to the imagination. Now this page is free daily and it also contains many articles on a variety of topics. (Insert the Playboy line here: “I only buy Playboy for the articles”).  Today’s Elevator has a story entitled “Finally, a sex robot that wants to be your friend”. Now maybe I’m a bit naive or just otherwise engaged, but the article says “estimates suggest sex tech is a $30 billion industry, boosted in part by the pandemic, but also by leaps in realism and functionality”. $30 Billion…..All I can say is wow!! “From an experimental cyber brothel in Berlin to the pages of prominent academic journals, attention on sex tech in general is on the upswing”. My kids watch me on my computer and think I’m a dinosaur, so this leaves me eons behind. It’s pretty nuts, but check it out and if you’ve got someone on your gift list who’s hard to buy for and who is a little lonely and you have a little extra cash….well you make that call!!

Finally, a sex robot that wants to be your friend