Keeping Our Pets Safe This Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and here are some tips to keep your pets safe during the holiday season, and beyond.

I know it’s tempting to give a little treat to your cat or dog, but DO NOT give them turkey skin! The skin is full of fat, and fatty foods are heard for animals to digest. They can cause a condition called pancreatitis. This can take months to clear up, and can even be fatal! A little bit of turkey breast meat is fine, but make sure Fluffy is not getting a little bit from you, a little bit from Aunt Nancy, a little bit from Cousin Peter…

Other foods to avoid include chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, and the sugar substitute known as xylitol. These can all make your pets sick or worse.

No yeast products either, which can cause painful gas and possibly dangerous bloating.

Make sure all garbage is safely contained. Even the most well-behaved pet may be tempted by the smell of the delicious leftovers.

Those beautiful plants may be toxic to pets as well. Keep amaryllis, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, Sweet William and some ferns out of your home.

Happy Thanksgiving!