Kevin’s “Home Alone” Grocery Trip Would Be More Than Three Times More Expensive in 2023

Remember in “Home Alone” when Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, goes grocery shopping by himself?  He ends up owing $19.83 . . . after presenting a dollar-off coupon for orange juice.  That was in 1990.

Well, someone on TikTok calculated how much Kevin would need if he went shopping in 2023.  Not surprisingly, it’s quite a bit more than 20 bucks.

Here’s Kevin’s shopping list, with the prices he’d pay in 2023:

1.  Frozen TV dinner:  $5.00

2.  Loaf of Wonder Bread:  $3.00

3.  Frozen mac and cheese:  $3.50

4.  Saran wrap:  $4.50

5.  Half gallon of milk:  $4.60

6.  Tide laundry detergent:  $13.00

7.  Toilet paper:  $8.00

8.  Half gallon of orange juice:  $4.50

9.  Pack of plastic army men:  $9.00

10.  Dryer sheets:  $8.79

This brings Kevin’s 2023 total to . . . $63.73.  Then factor in TAX, he’s looking at around $68 . . . after the $1.00 off coupon, of course.

A user online pointed out that since he lives in Chicago, he’d also need money to pay for bags.  And another said, quote, “$19.83 in 1990 would be equal to about $46.68 today.  So it’s not just inflation.  Things are way too expensive now.”

In related news, Macaulay received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday.  His “Home Alone” mom, Catherine O’Hara was there.  People also seem to be surprised at what his voice sounds like.  Some think he sounds like his brother Kieran . . . you know, from “Succession”.

In MORE related news, Tracy J. Connor, the actress who played the grocery store employee who helped Kevin check out, will be appearing for a Q&A session before the CSO shows the movie while playing the score live.