Do people still like to make fun of kids these days?

They must not have heard about 22-year-old Frank Ficarra. Frank is a BIG DUDE (that’s important) and an intern with the DuPage County Sherrif’s Department and was on patrol with the significantly smaller Cpl. Eduardo Castillo, an officer with the department.

Castillo, the full-time officer, made pulled over an individual with a warrant against him while Ficarra waited in the car. The suspect started to struggle with Cpl. Castillo, and that’s when Ficarra – again, just an intern – got out of the car to help!

Thankfully, the situation didn’t escalate. The intimidation of the mere size of Ficcara caused the suspect to stand down.

Ficcara was honored for his willing to jump into what easily could have been a very dangerous situation.

Ficcara plans on graduating in December.

Kids these days!