Laughter Is The Breath Of Life.

So let’s face it, we haven’t had a lot to make us smile let alone laugh over the last 9 months. The growth of the pandemic, the economy, The Bears, quarantine and shut downs, the Bears, kids out of school, no concerts, the Bears….Ok I’ll stop, but you get my point. I’m a believer that laughter is the breath of life. If you’re laughing you’re living!! I’m always looking for something to make a smile or laugh happen so when I saw Mary Schmich’s column today in the Trib. I stopped to take a peek. She got me with her headline: “Oh the virus outside is frightful, but the Wi-Fi’s so delightful”. Holiday lyrics with a COVID spin. Her explanation is quite simple: Humor is a time-honored antidote to fear and sadness, so many people are finding comfort in this COVID-shadowed season by singing and writing parody holiday songs.  I hope you’ll sing them out loud.Here’s one of her compositions:

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

I’ll be home for Christmas

Where else would I be?

Trav’ling? No. They say: Don’t go!

Just sit at home with your tree

Christmas Eve will find me

Staring at my screen

I’ll be home for Christmas

Obeying quarantine.


Made me laugh, hopefully you too!

Mary’s full column click here: