I had a chance to meet Joel Frieders a few years ago at Summer Solstice in Yorkville, and the man-crush was almost instantaneous. I mean…look at that face!

I spoke with Joel yesterday to talk about a fundraiser that he is organizing and that we are broadcasting from on Saturday.

It’s the 2nd annual Elemy Chili Bowl, benefiting World Relief DuPage/Aurora. This brings together a few great restaurants from around Aurora and the surrounding areas to see who has the best chili…and YOU are the judge! Click here to get tickets and info. Mitch Michaels is even broadcasting live from the event, thanks to the awesome people at Elevate Consulting and Creative and Dolan and Murphy…but don’t let that deter you!

But that was just the beginning of our discussion. The more I spoke with him, the more fascinated I became. He’s a dad (first and foremost), he’s a Yorkville city councilman, he’s lead a very successful national suicide prevention campaign, he runs a few different businesses, he’s a beekeeper, and he runs a craft beer website called Hopsmash and has written three books.

I think I covered everything. Oh wait…he also has a hole in his foot. It’s kind of weird. You should ask him about it on Saturday.

Check out my time with Joel.