Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  The weekend is quite a relief, but this past week, everyone had their own way of dealing with the cold.  This little guy curled up on a dog bed in front of the “fire”.  Of course, that’s not a real fire — it’s one of those cartoon fireplaces.  But especially in a still picture, you can hardly tell, right?  And it is an electric heater, so the principle is the same.  Dog wanna keep warm.

At least he isn’t stealing heat from us.  Our other two wiener dogs dragged their bed right over a heating vent.  So while the rest of us in the room were shivering, they were sleeping on a toasty heated bed!

As for we humans, my wife finally got me off my booty to pull down the storm windows.  That made a difference.  And except for going out for fast food, mostly to run my car a little bit, I totally stayed home Wednesday.  Kudos to our weekday DJ’s who were here to serve up River Rock and Roll!

Of course now, at least for a while, that’s all a moot point.  Today is pretty normal and Monday looks like it’ll be downright warm!  But it’s like I’ve said before about the cold — when it’s gone it’s gone.  I’ll take that over snow any day.