There is one country that has been sung about more than any other … and that is the good old USA.   I think the word America brings so much emotion to people.  Before travel became so easy, before the age of the internet and before all the political rubbish … people from other countries would day dream of living in the USA.  The big cars , the big houses and of course hamburgers.  When I was growing up in England I literally thought America was like Happy Days.  I essentially dreamed of one day being a cheerleader and spending my day at Arnolds drinking milkshakes.   Dallas (the show not the city) was another reason people from other countries fantasized about living in America.  I mean can’t we all strike oil and live like J.R.?

So there have been a million songs written about America and quite a few about England to be honest.   Other countries don’t get as many songs written about them (well maybe they do in their own languages and we just don’t know about them. )   So one of my favorite songs about America was actually not sung by an American but by a British girl who like me must have had a few fantasies of her own about living in America.

Today’s Music Challenge … I give you Kim Wilde … Kids in America


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