Let’s Talk About Apples. No, Really!

Hi, it’s Leslie. There’s another new variety of apple coming to stores in the near future.

When I was a kid my mother always bought Red Delicious apples. I remember thinking that Golden Delicious apples were really special. Now I wouldn’t eat either one of those varieties.

There are so many more varieties of apples now than there were even just a few years ago. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with all of the different choices. I really appreciate stores that label the apples with signs like, ‘crisp and sweet’ or ‘tart and juicy.’

More varieties are being invented all the time. Washington State University has created a new apple that is a cross between a pink lady and a honeycrisp, in an effort to create what they’re calling ‘the perfect apple.’ (I don’t think that’s possible, since many people I know prefer different types of apples, but I digress.)

Right now they’re calling the new variety the WA 64, and they’re having a contest to name this new variety of apple, which continues through May 5th. The WA 64 will hit store shelves sometime in 2026, which seems like a long way off!

The last new apple came out a few years ago, and was named Cosmic Crisp, and this apple is a follow-up to that one.

What is your favorite variety of apple, and what would you name this new one? Let me know in the Facebook comments.