Lick it up!  Or better yet, don’t.

It’s amazing how things can go viral sometimes.  Now it’s one thing when a YouTube video or something goes viral.  Good for the person who posted it!

But thanks to social media, actual things in the world can go viral.  Things like disgusting acts.

First there was the teen in Texas who, earlier this month, was caught on a Walmart security camera opening and licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream, then putting the lid back on and putting it back into the freezer!  She’s in big trouble too.   Too bad she got tons of views on the internet.  Because as I said, sometimes it’s not just the video that goes viral.

I believe at least one other ice cream licker followed in her footsteps.  Then, a woman in Florida was caught at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop spitting in ice cream containers (it gets “better”), picking her nose and then sticking her fingers into ice cream containers, and also urinating into an ice cream churning bucket.

The latest one I heard about was a young girl in a doctor’s office who was shown, in a video shot by her own mother, licking a tongue depressor then putting it back into the jar!  It seems the mom wanted to show the doctor what happens when they have to wait around.  The mom is now facing charges.  Again in Florida, the state that won’t stand by and be out-weirded by Texas!

This is getting out of hand.  When anything goes viral, it’s not supposed to spread actual viruses!