Live Long And Prosper!

Certainly the pandemic and it’s limitations on all of us have given each of us pause to reflect and maybe make changes in our daily lives. I’m not talking about who we see or where we go, those were self determined by coronavirus restrictions and self preservation. I’m talking about things we do to ourselves and for ourselves on a daily basis. How and what we eat, how we go about our daily routines and what we do for our physical and mental heath. I had a medical issue last year that changed my attitude and outlook and forced me to really take a look at my life as a whole. Changes in my world have come in different forms (physical, emotional, personal), but come they have, whether welcome or not, and as we all must I have adjusted. I think part of the purpose of us being here is to try to do good things and at the same time live long and prosper, right! I don’t know about  you but I’ve got a lot of amazing things to stick around to enjoy. Kids, grand kids, great friends, still a job that I love doing, the return of live music and a whole bunch more as well, so I’m thinking this whole live longer thing is just what I’m looking for. So when I saw this piece on 65 Things That Can Help You Live A Longer Life I thought I’d share. I’m sure you’ll find at least a few that may help. So join me won’t you!!

65 Things That Can Help You Live A Longer Life. Click Here