So I was cleaning my room the other day and found an old stash of Mad Magazines.  It brought me back to my youth.  I remember going to Al’s Smoke Shop in Villa Park and buying my first one.  I laughed while reading it.  A lot.  I was hooked.  The amazing artwork, the parodies of movies and TV shows.  Spy Vs Spy. The MAD Fold In. Sergio Aragones cartoons scattered through-out the pages.  And of course…Alfred E Neuman on the cover.

The magazine announced that after 67 years of humor and satire…they will no longer be providing new content.  Click the link HERE to read about it.  They are effectively closing their doors.

I look back on these magazines as part of my youth. A way to enjoy reading something that added humor to my life and to many others thorough out the years.  I wonder now if my old magazines will have any value if they are in good shape.  But if you get a chance, try and pick one up before they all disappear.  Or re-read an old one for a few laughs, great content, and a gauge on what is going on in pop culture.

Thank you Mad Magazine.  My life and especially my childhood was a lot better because I got to read your magazines and books.  You will be missed.


~ Tim Thomas