Make This a Holiday Tradition

Leslie Harris here, and last night, I got to start my holiday off with one of my favorite traditions, going to see A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre.

As you probably know, the Goodman Theater is known for its quality work, and there’s a reason why a Christmas Carol returns year after year, and many people also return every year. The production is nothing short of magical.

Larry Yando returns for his 16th year as Ebenezer Scrooge. He handles the role deftly, infusing humor where we least expect it, but also showing the hurt child beneath the angry exterior of an old man.

My second favorite character is the Ghost of Christmas present played by the ebullient Bethany Thomas. This woman is a powerhouse, and her voice and presence seems to fill not only the theater, but well beyond.

My friend who cam with me describes herself as “Not a Christmas person,” but even she said this production put her into a holiday cheer.

Even though this touching story remains the same, the Goodman does change a few things up every year, keeping each production fresh.

A Christmas Carol runs now through December 31st in the Goodman’s Albert Theatre. The whole family will enjoy it. Find out more and get your tickets HERE