Mattel Just Released a Line of Front Liner Worker Action Figures

It seems like every business is trying to find ways to help, or at least thank, front line workers around the country. Toy maker Mattel is doing their part by releasing a line of front-line worker action figures under the Fischer-Price brand! Check it out! They have figurines for doctors, nurses, EMTs and delivery drivers, all meant to honor everyday heroes.

All net proceeds from the new collectible line, which includes action figures and Little People® Community Champions, will go to #FirstRespondersFirst.

The Fisher-Price launch is the first of several from Mattel brands designed to support today’s heroes, with others launching in the coming weeks as part of the Company’s new “Play it Forward” platform focused on leveraging Mattel brands to give back to communities in times of need.

You can order through May 31st, with products shipping around the end of the year.