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Merry Solstice!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. There are traditions around the world that celebrate.

Now don’t get mad at me, but historians agree that Jesus was probably not born in December. Christians chose this time of year to coincide with the pagan celebrations, to replace them.

The word Solstice is derived from Latin meaning soul and to stand still because it looks like the sun is standing still.
Some celebrations around the world include Scandinavia, where they celebrate St Lucia’s day as the start of the Jul or Yule season.Young women dress in white robes with red sashes and wreaths of candles on their heads lighting the way through the darkness of winter.
In China, they have been celebrating Dong Zhi for thousands of years. This marks the end of the harvest season, and also incorporates the concept of Yin and Yang, or darkness and light.
The Hopis celebrate the Soyal Solstice ceremony, led by a tribal chief, welcoming the sun back to its summer path with ritual dances, giving gifts to children, and prayers for the coming year.
All of these festivals notate this darkest time of year, and most if not all of them incorporate bringing light. So light a candle, say goodbye to this year, and welcome in the new!

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