Merry Solstice!

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Merry Solstice! The solstice will be exact att 3:47pm today.Today is the shortest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and it is the first day of winter, and is also known as Yule. It’s also almost 9 hours shorter than our longest day this year, the Summer Solstice, back in June.

The solstice marks the beginning of the year in many cultures, or the birth of the Sun, as the days will now continue to get longer. Some believe that it is time to say goodbye to the old, release the dark and welcome the light both literally and spiritually.

The Christmas tree is actually a pre-Christian Yuletide symbol. The lights of the tree welcome the light of the longer days.

Some people make winter solstice lanterns, to remind us of the light that emanates from our hearts and homes.

Others like a yule log, symbolizing reigniting the Sun. Traditionally a yule log fire is kept burning all night as a symbol of light on the darkest night.

Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you are having a peaceful season.