One of the things I look forward to each year on Mothers Day is my boys making me breakfast.   When they were little I would get a glass of orange juice and a slice of peanut butter toast.  I loved every mouthful of that toast because they were so proud.  Around middle school they progressed to some scrambled eggs on toast and a cup of tea.   However now that they are both in University they have upped their game immensely.

I am rather lucky because my eldest son loves to cook.  He has worked in catering for a few companies as summer jobs.  (He actually started out working for Kane County Cougars cooking for their suites and then progressed to banquet halls.)   This year my sons asked me what I fancied and I was a bit cheeky because I said smoked salmon.   I didn’t mind how it was prepared but I just craved some delicious saltiness.   So below is what my lads came up with and it was amazing.  Paired with a yummy mimosa, we have certainly come a long way since peanut butter toast.

Thanks lads …I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and if brunch was part of it let me know what was your favorite dish.   (I am back on the diet today!)