The morning started off nice enough. Beautiful even:

But that’s as nice as it’s going to get the next few days. The storms associated with the pictured shelf cloud has already done enough damage through flooding, wind, and lighting strikes. If that wasn’t enough, the heat is about to set in. Heat indices will be pushing 115F.

You don’t’ need me to give you all the tips to protect yourself, we’re all adults here. It’s some of the lesser-known affects of the heat that I find interesting. We’re going to see a few more blow outs on the highways as tires, especially on heavier vehicles, overheat and explode. Fire Departments have to rotate in new personnel more often to avoid heat exhaustion to the fire fighters. Trains have to reduce speed, creating longer rail commutes. Did you also know fans don’t really work past 95 degrees or so? Sure, they provide a bit of circulation, but do nothing in terms of actually lowering your body temperature.

Oh, and if you see an unintended child or a dog in a parked car…break the window.