After an absolutely gorgeous Easter Sunday where we all got to sit outside and watch the kiddies hunt for eggs (while Mummy might have had one or two mimosa’s!) today is a good day to celebrate our planet.

We live in stressful political times where it’s hard to get everyone around the dinner table to agree on certain topics let alone our whole country or our whole world.   However strongly you feel about a political issue, whether it’s a social issue or an economical issue none of those issues matter if we don’t have a planet to live on.   Our eco system is in great jeopardy and tax breaks, gun control and border walls are meaningless if we don’t have oxygen to breathe or a climate that isn’t trying to wipe us out.

I will never understand how people can lose their minds over the smallest thing but be blase about Global Warming.   There honestly is no other issue on this planet that is more important.   Music has addressed this issue for decades (Joni Mitchell never lies!)   but for today I went with a song released in 1991 by a band whose vocalist is one of my favorites (see picture below the video of Andy Bell and I having tea together in a studio in the mid nineties.)   He is such a lovely lad and a fab performer.  In fact my favorite show from 2018 was Erasure at the Chicago Theatre … if you were there you know why!

So swing over to Facebook and tell me what song makes you want to save the world (literally!)