I don’t know what it is about summer … but summer just makes me hungry.  There are so many summer social occasions that relate to food … Barbecues – food festivals – Ice cream … forget having a summer bod … Of course my all time favorite food has always been cake …All kinds of cake … (yes even nasty fruit cake … I do love me some raisins!)    Cake with ice cream is essentially heaven on a plate in my book .

Now one of my other loves having been brought up on an island is the seaside … so when one of the Jonas Brothers (not sure which one … I can never remember their names) put out this song …I was like … what!!  My two favorite things in one song – ha ha.   Of course I know the perils of eating on the beach and sand in your cake is a bit of a deal breaker.   This is a goofy video but it’s a fun, catchy tune and if you can keep the sand out … cake by the ocean sounds amazing!