Source: YouTube
Video courtesy of NCTV17

We already know that we have outstanding people living in our area. Some of the most talented people in all sorts of fields. I love giving them the recognition they deserve, especially when they are young and have a promising future ahead of them!

NCTV17 out of Naperville did a story on Naperville North High School alumna Cari Cesarotti, who has been named to the prestigious 30 Under 30 list released by Forbes magazine.

You see, Cesarotti is smart. Like, really smart! No…but like, REALLY REALLY SMART! She went to Cornell after graduating from Naperville North. She was then one of just a handful of students selected to study at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (that’s huge). Now, she’s a researcher at MIT doing things I couldn’t even begin to explain to you…something about muons and colliding them, and early universe data.

Here is how Forbes describes Cari:

Cari Cesarotti is planning for the next generation of physics experiments to explain currently unexplained phenomena in our universe. She is the lead theorist in a cohort that’s collaborating on a completely new discovery machine: a multi-TeV muon collider, which could yield information about the origin of mass, heavy new particles, or the history of the early universe.

I encourage you to watch the story that NCTV17 did on Cari, who is making Naperville proud!