Nightmares! Don’t Be Afraid!

So has the pandemic affected your sleep at all? I think because I’m home a lot more my habits have become more habitual and I’m in bed earlier, usually watching tv and then my sleep patterns are similar each night. I wake up a couple of times a night (partially due to age) but I’m back to sleep relatively soon, but I’ve noticed when I wake up early in the morning 4:30 5am and then go back to sleep that’s when I have a lot of pretty vidid dreams. No nightmares, just dreams some of which seems to be semi recurring. OK all you shrinks out there what’ve we got? I really haven’t experienced any nightmares of late and considering what we’re all going through maybe I’m lucky! I did run across a piece that talks about nightmares and how we shouldn’t be afraid of them. The virus, the stress of lockdowns and the worry about family and loved ones. Tough not to freak out a little and that can creep into your sleep patterns too. Check out what these psychologists found in treating PTSD and how things have changed.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Nightmares.