No NASCAR in Joliet In 2021

This is incredibly sad news for so many different reasons.

NASCAR has decided to drop Chicagoland Speedway from it’s schedule for 2021. I only have two words for that.

That. Sucks.

I’m not a NASCAR fan really, but I really enjoyed giong to and working at the CLS races when I worked in promotions. It was always a lively party atmosphere. The events and concerts were always exciting, and the staff at CLS always ran it without a hitch!

Now the future of racing in Will County is up in the air. There’s talk that the land the track sits on could be turned into more warehouses according to our sister station WJOL.

If you are a big racing fan and want to dive into it, there’s a great article from The Atlantic that lays it out really well as well as this one from Sports Business Daily.