No! You Do NOT Need to Shave Your Beard to Stay Safe from Coronavirus!

Your facial hair is totally sweet.  But is it worth getting swept up in a global pandemic?  Well, you might not need to grab your razor just yet.

There are TONS of reports that the CDC had put out a warning about how your FACIAL HAIR might put you at risk for catching coronavirus.  You may even see this slick infographic with 36 different facial hair styles to show which are and aren’t at risk.

Graphic from CDC

The thing is, the whole thing actually had nothing to do with the current coronavirus outbreak!  It was a chart from the CDC’s section on workplace safety, for people who need to wear masks and respirators at WORK . . . and it’s been on their website since 2017!

Yes, if you need to wear a respirator and work around coronavirus, having a full beard is a no-no…but it’s been that way for ANYONE who has to wear a sealed respirator (i.e. firefighters). But shaving your beard without having to wear a mask will do you no help.

Currently, the CDC does NOT recommend wearing masks or respirators to avoid the coronavirus, unless you need to wear one for work.

Keep your beard, and share this story to combat the false claims.

Wash your hands.