You probably know someone who has decided to leave the state of Illinois. When it comes to the reason why, there is one answer that tops most lists: taxes.

The personal finance website WalletHub crunched some numbers and determined that your friends were right. Illinois has the highest tax burden of any state in the country.

Source: WalletHub
In case you are looking to move to the state with the BEST tax rates, you’ll have to pack your parka! Alaska has the most friendly taxes in the nation.
Here’s how Illinois ranked in all of the categories studied:
  • Average real estate tax: $4,942, rank: 50

  • Effective vehicle property tax rate 0 percent, rank: 1

  • Effective income tax rate: 2.9 percent, rank: 13

  • Average income tax paid: $18,34, rank: 39

  • Effective sales and excise tax rate: 4.29 percent, rank: 27

  • Average sales tax paid: $2,712, rank: 25

  • Effective total tax rate: 15.01 percent, rank: 51

The Patch did a nice deep-dive into the numbers covering things like what governments do with our tax money, how much ROI we see as citizens of these states, and more. Check it out.