Boy, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to get choked up by this one.  In fact, they should make a movie out of it!  Oh wait, they already did — sort of.

So here’s the timeline:

When Nicole Grimes was 10, her “Nana” gave her a puppy called Chloe.  Right there that’s pretty cool.  She loved that dog.

But around the time she was 14, her dad got a job that made it necessary for them to give Chloe away.  He was working from home in customer service and Chloe liked to bark a lot.  That probably wouldn’t sit well with some customers.  I guess it might sound unprofessional.

So fast forward to now — Nicole is 21, and she decided to adopt a dog.  She adopted an old dog — they need good homes too, right? — and she really liked the dog because it looked so much like Chloe.  Strangely, it’s name was also Chloe.

You can probably see where this is going.  It turned out to actually be Chloe!  The same dog!  This is sounding a lot like A Dog’s Purpose/Journey.  OK, it’s not a reincarnated dog, but imagine giving away a dog, having no idea where it went to, and 7 years later getting back the same dog!  Almost as fantastical as the reincarnation.

Here’s a more detailed telling:

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