After 25 years of sitting abandoned and dilapidated, the site of the old Copley Hospital south of downtown Aurora reopens today with a new purpose! Now known as Weston Bridges, it is home to 50 apartment unites reserved as a safe and secure independent community for adult individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities with low support needs.

The ribbon cutting is slated for 2:00 p.m. today (Tuesday the 13th).

There’s a theater, fitness center, community kitchen, arts and crafts areas and more!

WGN TV’s Paul Konrad, along with his brother and others, have been a major part of this update!

Weston Bridges is actually part of the larger Bloomhaven community, where other services and business will operate.

Good work by all involved in turning an eye sore into a true community asset! Good luck to all the new employees and residence of the community!