It’s Tim Thomas in for Samantha James…and like Samantha, I love the music of the 80’s!

So with Samantha’s permission, I have a music challenge of my own that I know she will appreciate.  The decade of the 80’s saw a lot of songs on the billboard charts from bands that only had one big hit.  But the songs were still timeless.  Cheesy, campy, but still recognizable today.  And I love them all!

Sometimes a band can only land one hit song…and sometimes that is all you need.  It lives on forever.  What are you favorites that you still love to listen to today? Here are a few of mine:

Mexican Radio-Wall Of Voodoo

She Blinded Me With Science-Thomas Dolby

Turning Japanese-The Vapors

When The Heart Rules The Mind-GTR

Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles

Turn Up The Radio-Autograph

For a list of a few more you may recognize from the 80’s click HERE

What are your favorites? Share them below.


~ Tim Thomas