One of the BEST Cities to Raise a Family is Right Here

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and finding the right community was important to my husband and I when we we starting our family. Now, we’re looking at helping our kids find a place to set down their own roots, and now Scholaroo has done some work to help all of us.

Scholaroo has published a study of the 2023 Best Cities to Raise a Family report. They looked at affordability of 152 cities across 32 key metrics like homeownership rate, median household income, and cost of living. They also looked at seven categories like safety, health, finance, education, recreation, quality of life and home atmosphere. This was based on data from public schools.

Of the top 10 cities in the us, number 8 is Aurora Illinois! And Aurora was the only city in Illinois to make this top 10 list.

So if you’re looking for a place to raise your family, check out Aurora Illinois!