Oswego Is Going to the Dogs!

Leslie Harris here, and there’s exciting news in Oswego. Oswego is getting its first dog park!

The new park will be on Theodore Dr., near the public works facility, and close to Oswego High School.

The dog park is slated to open next summer, and it will include two separate areas for small dogs and big dogs, as well as a training area and other amenities.

Village president Troy Parlier said, “Oswego is a great place for families, and we want every family member to have a spot for recreation. This is the prime opportunity that leverages existing resources, and I’m looking forward to seeing families and their pets at our new dog park next year.”

There are around 6,000 dogs in Oswego, and it’s a great use of a space that is currently not being used for anything else.

What other communities should build dog parks? Let me know in the comments.