Outdoor Dining at This Time of Year? Why Not?

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and when I visited Belgium many years ago most of the restaurants in Bruges had larger outdoor dining areas than indoor. It was cold. In fact, it even snowed, but we still enjoyed many meals outside, bundled up and next to outdoor heaters.

By now, you probably know that the dining rooms in our area are closed again due to the recent spike in coronavirus numbers. I love that restaurant owners are getting creative.

I live in Downers grove, and I noticed that many of the restaurants not only have outdoor seating, but have now also installed heaters in those areas, and many of them have even erected tents. Some of the restaurants that are participating include Gattos, Foxtail, Wasabi, Cadence Kitchen, and Pierce Tavern. Of course, all of these places still have carry out service as well, so be sure to support our local restaurants.

What are some of your favorite restaurants that have outdoor dining? Let me know in the comments.

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