Over a Million Lights to Twinkle Outside Fox Valley Mall This Holiday Season

They have a huge space for cars…might as well use it!

The Fox Valley Mall will be hosting the Let It Shine Lightshow, one of three such drive-thru Let It Shine experiences in the area, from  November 12-January 9. Similar drive-thru shows will be available in Northbrook and Schaumburg, as well.

You probably get the idea, right? You slowly drive through a maze of twinkling lights displays while you listen to music on a special FM frequency, which upon exiting you will immediately return to 95.9 FM!

Tickets are one per car and can be purchased here.

Our buds at NCTV17 did a nice write up on it, if you’re looking for more info.

Take a look at some of the photos!

If you head out, pay very close attention to the map and the signage.

Let-it-Shine Aurora