People Who Sleep Naked Are More Likely to…

It’s Mackay and when it comes to sleeping naked, it has never been my thing.  I have done it a few times but I’m not sure it was by choice. (use your imagination from here). I used to sleep with just underwear, which is close to naked but not quite.

Now, I sleep with PJ bottoms and a t-shirt because I have to.  I am allergic to my two long-haired chihuahuas and they like to crawl under the covers and that is why I cover up.

I could never kick them out of the room or off the bed since they have been sleeping with us for 7-8 years before I found out I shouldn’t be doing that.

Now back to the latest report on sleeping naked…

Sleeping naked is one of those things that you either do . . . or don’t do . . . it’s not something that you just do on, like, Wednesdays.  And now, we are finding out a little more about people who sleep in the buff.

A new survey compared people who sleep naked with those who sleep in pajamas, and it found that people who sleep naked are:  More likely to be “night owls” . . . more likely to watch horror movies . . .

More likely to get nightmares . . . more likely to be satisfied with their sex life . . . and more likely to believe that their choice of sleepwear impacts the quality of their sleep.  Which is maybe the most telling.  People who sleep naked seem bothered by clothing while sleeping.

But there’s one thing that people who sleep naked have in common with those who wear pajamas:  They’re equally concerned about climate change.  (???)

In fact, 29% of people who sleep naked claim they do it partially to reduce their “eco-footprint.”  That includes using less AC in the summer . . . but apparently not using more heat when it’s FRIGID out, like now.