PHOTOS: Last Night’s Power Outage Sears Tower Looks Eerie From Every Angle

Yes, I know its technically the Willis Tower, but I just can’t, so shut it.

Anyway, if you happen to get your television using an antenna, you may have noticed some of your favorite stations (and other radio stations) were off the air, or had other broadcasting problems. That’s because the SEARS! Tower, like many of you, suffered some flooding in their basement. Unlike many of you, there are numerous broadcasting antennas on the roof, so when the basement flooded and caused havoc with a ComEd sub-station that caused the entire building to lose power, it also caused those stations to go off air.

Besides that, it just looks so weird! It’s like someone cut out the Sears Tower from the skyline, leaving a Sears Tower- shaped hole.

And of course, the Internet got creative: