District 202 student athletes give back to local restaurant owner

Thirty student athletes from Plainfield High School-Central Campus, Plainfield South High School and Plainfield North High School donated $500 to honor and thank a Plainfield restaurant owner for his efforts helping the community.

Five hundred dollars isn’t a ton in the grand scheme of things, but little bricks can add up to a huge castle.

The Time Weekly did a story about a group of athletes from Plainfield Central High School and their part in a nationwide “Making a Difference On and Off the Field” campaign – organized by the PepsiCo Showdown Series and Buddy’s HELPERS which encourages community involvement from high school athletes.

The kids from all different sports raised $500 for Larry’s Diner in a fundraiser back on August 30th. The date coincided with National Grief Awareness Day and two days after the anniversary of the Plainfield tornado that killed 29 people in 1990. According to the Times Weekly column, the kids chose to help out Larry’s Diner — a Plainfield mainstay for decades — because “the pandemic hurt his business and the diner is a place where people gather, eat, and heal after the 1990 tornado.”

Kids these days, am I right?!