I’ll start with saying there are two sides to every story, and since this is just one side of the story I won’t be passing judgement on anyone. I’m not anything excuses swinging a baseball bat around, but I don’t know all the details, so I can’t really say.

But no matter the details, the viral Halloween house in Plainfield decked out with Stranger Things décor is no more…at least according to the man who created it.

Dave and his wife Aubrey set up an amazing Halloween display that went viral on a national level! It has garnered so much interest and foot traffic, that according to Dave in a Facebook post, his neighbors weren’t too happy with it.

You can certainly see why they are closing access to their house. Regardless of what you think about who’s right and who’s wrong, no one needs to be swinging bats around and putting anyone in danger.

Here’s hoping that everyone can work out their differences and allow this family and their amazing talents to be enjoyed by the community this year!