Python On The Loose! Careful She Might Bite You On The Bum.

So shopping! Done much lately at a mall? Yeah, me either, but it is all coming back. Malls sometimes have unusual attractions to help draw and entertain folks while they’re making their shopping choices. Fashion shows, disney characters, kiddie amusement rides even animals. Me, I’m not one to be attracted by a petting zoo, but hey…whatever! So when I saw the story of the 12 foot yellow Burmese python missing from a Louisiana mall, I was intrigued. Cara, the yellow Burmese python, was found “safe and healthy” after a search that had closed the Blue Zoo aquarium at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge for several days, Thursday morning. Phew….that’s good news, because Cara roaming free would definitely have deterred my stops at Marshall’s and Victoria’s Secret.

12 Foot Burmese Python Missing From Mall. Click Here: 

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