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It’s time for 2024’s first NOSTALGIA DEATH . . . something that ceases to exist, even though virtually NO ONE was aware that it still existed in the first place.

The makers of Fruit Stripe Gum announced that it’s been discontinued after an incredible 55-year run.  (That’s a pretty long time for a gum with a flavor that didn’t last 55 seconds.)

If the name rings a bell, this was the gum with a zebra mascot . . . bright colors “zebra-striped” onto the gum . . . and wrappers printed with temporary tattoos.

The gum was originally launched back in 1969 by the Beech-Nut company, which now primarily produces baby and toddler food.

The gum came in five flavors:  Wet n’ Wild Melon . . . Cherry . . . Lemon . . . Orange . . . and Peach.  There was also briefly a CHOCOLATE flavor back in the late-’70s.  And there was also a line of Fruit Stripe bubble gum.

As usual when stuff like this happens, some opportunists ran out to buy the remaining stock to sell on eBay . . . for crazy prices.

Fun fact:  The zebra mascot’s name was “Yipes,” and there was an ad slogan, proclaiming, “Yipes!  Stripes!”  (It was once a clue on “Jeopardy!”)

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